About Us

Smart Pawn & Jewelry

Our Pawnbrokers

Our highly trained staff is the best within our industry. Their know-how is important in order to handle your transactions efficiently, and give you top cash for your property. Take advantage of their expertise to get the financial advice that you seek.

Peace Of Mind

You can rest assured your merchandise is safe and sound with us. We have an onsite state-of-the-art security system, including surveillance cameras. Additionally, our staff takes precautions to make sure all items on pawn loan hold are out of site and securely stored.

Determining Value

At Smart Pawn & Jewelry we are serious about getting you a fair price for your goods. Our staff is trained in the latest technology to test your goods and evaluate your merchandised based on a variety of factors. The evaluation process includes determining value because ultimately, you want your items to have resale value. Our pawnbrokers will accept merchandise in less the perfect condition, even broken pieces of jewelry, since we can melt it down and make custom jewelry. However, for other items, it may be impossible to restore the merchandise for resale purposes.

Value is determined based on item condition, marketing value, resale value and more. Learn more about specific factors when selling us your goods or when applying for a loan.

By selling your items in our stores, you are supporting local businesses in Charlotte and Mt. Holly, North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and supplementing your income. It is a much better option to sell or donate your goods rather than throw them away. For questions, contact a Smart Pawn & Jewelry store near you.